Shinkendo is a Japanese martial art that teaches the path of armed samurai combat.

Shin (真) authenticity , real

Ken (劍) the sword

Do (道) the way

“The Way of the Real Sword.”

The Katana / Shinken

In today’s Japanese language, Shinken itself stands for seriousness. SHINKENDO includes the holistic method of samurai swordfighting. Shinkendo is a martial art that includes mastering the “sharp” weapon (Katana). Even though the learning of swordfighting is the focus, the use of the Bo (long stick) and Tanto (dag) is taught, as well as a form of unarmed self-defense (Aikibujutsu).

International Seminar with Kaiso T.Obata and his wife M.Obata Sensei in Switzerland


In his early youth Kaiso Obata Toshishiro  started his budo career and learned some fighting styles. He learned the speed of Kendo, Kumite of Yagyu ryu and Kashima shin ryu, the power of Jigen ryu, the accuracy of Ioriken Battojutsu, the body movements of Ryukyu Kobudo, the balance of Aikido and experiences in the Battodo tournaments. 
Each of these martial arts had good sides and he gathered the best of all the styles he had studied. He created a practicable technique that was further refined and modeled after the feudal era of the samurai and integrated them into Shinkendo on the basis of "Go, Ju, Ryu, Ki, Rei". 
The usual Dan / Kyu system is not used in SHINKENDO, but ranks are used that are based on an older system that was used during the samurai era. The Shinkendoka's are divided into three groups; Seito, Deshi and Kyakubun. Honor ranks are not awarded. The Shinkendo Central Dojo, or Honbu, is in Los Angeles, California. 
This new, precise sword style is being spread all over the world by SHINKENDO teachers. Sensei Obata Toshishiro wants people to learn practicable techniques, gain confidence in handling the sword, practice a correct cutting angle, be able to grip the sword correctly and learn methods of effectively stopping the sword. It is also important to master elementary school, kata and kumite, footwork, and body movements. Test cutting (Tameshigiri) is not the ultimate goal in SHINKENDO. Before a Shinkendoka takes a real sword in hand, he should be familiar with all the components of the technique and application. 
The sword art SHINKENDO should be committed with the utmost dignity and respect.
The development of technology takes time and maturity. One of the main qualities of a student, which Sensei Obata attaches great importance to, is the spirit of "Jinsei Shinkendo" (Way of life of Shinkendo). Those students who strive to improve themselves through self-reflection and diligently pursue their goal are the ones to whom Kaiso Obata Toshishiro is happy to pass this art on.
SHINKENDO is universal and offers students the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with other sword students worldwide.

Josef Sturm, Shinkendo HANSHI
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