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Kategorie: Martial-Art

Alles über Kampfkunst. Geschichte und Aktualitäten
Everything about Martial-Art. The History and Aktualities

The development of KARATE

In the 6th century AD Daruma (Bodhidharma), the founder of Zen Buddhism, left the West Indies to spread his teachings in China. Even if there was already a road connection […]

KATANA Episode 2 The Sword of the Samurai

A brief consideration For every serious student and master of sword fighting (KENJUTSU), KATANA has become a kind of „part of its essence“. Never would this sword-fighting art be practiced […]

KATANA the Sword of the Samurai.

AN OVERVIEW: Today the katana can only be found in museums and in the collections of private individuals who consider it a work of art and appreciate the beauty of […]

AIKIDO from Theory to Experience Episode 1

In this first episode, I quote some statements by the founder of the modern AIKIDO Morihei Uyeshiba Sensei. In the aftermath, I will publish aspects of important teaching materials for […]


Per Definition ist „Kickboxing“ ein System aus Kicken und Boxen, welches von früher Jugend an bis ins hohe Alter als Fitnesstraining, Wettkampftraining und als Training zur Selbstverteidigung ausgeführt werden kann. […]