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Aikibujutsu by Master Toshishiro Obata, Shinkendo Kaiso

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MAW veröffentlich monatlich neue Interviews mit Martial-Artists. Wenn du Interesse an einem Interview-Beitrag auf V.I.P. hast, schreibe mir. Ich werde mit dir Kontakt aufnehmen und ein Interview vorbereiten.

MAW publishes monthly new interviews with martial artists. If you’re interested in an interview post on V.I.P., please write to me. I will contact you and will prepare an Interview

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BUJUTSU: Defence, an interpretation, Episode 1

It should be anticipated that the word “defense” does not have the same quality and meaning for everyone. The broad interpretation of “defense” has continued to provoke controversial discussions to this day. What is the strategy of defense within theory and practice in BUJUTSU? Old Bujutsu masters „defended“ their fighting methodology and their often morally […]

The development of KARATE

In the 6th century AD Daruma (Bodhidharma), the founder of Zen Buddhism, left the West Indies to spread his teachings in China. Even if there was already a road connection from India to China at that time, Daruma hiked several thousand miles alone over the mountains on wild paths and over raging rivers to China. […]

KATANA Episode 2 The Sword of the Samurai

A brief consideration For every serious student and master of sword fighting (KENJUTSU), KATANA has become a kind of „part of its essence“. Never would this sword-fighting art be practiced with aggressiveness or loss of control. Practicing with a KATANA is not a game and requires the utmost attention and concentration. It is like in […]

KATANA the Sword of the Samurai.

AN OVERVIEW: Today the katana can only be found in museums and in the collections of private individuals who consider it a work of art and appreciate the beauty of its curved shape and its continuously polished surface, which is reminiscent of the calm surface of a lake. 99 percent of Japanese may have never […]

AIKIDO from Theory to Experience Episode 3

AIKIDO from Theory to Experience Episode 3 The martial art AIKIDO as it is finally understood and practiced by many Aikidokas, has little in common with the holistic nature of AIKIDO as master Morihei Uyeshiba has practiced and taught it. Master Uyeshiba was a devout man and one could perhaps call his AIKIDO his religion. […]

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